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COVID-19 Response

March 2020

Introducing Store Brand Complete® Comfort Infant Formula

October 2020

Helping Families Faced with Food Insecurity

October 2020

Is Homemade Formula Safe? Experts Say No

September 2020

DHA in Infant Formula

September 2020

Parents Can Save Money Without Sacrificing Nutrition

September 2020

The High Price of Free Samples

September 2019

New Survey: Pediatricians Report Parents are Making Unsafe Infant-Feeding Choices to Save Money

October 2019

Dangers of Formula Dilution

December 2019

Food Insecurity and the Dangers of Infant Formula Dilution

December 2019

Where to Buy

Store brand infant formula is available nationwide at major retailers, warehouse clubs, drug stores, and food markets.

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More Helpful Resources for Patients

If your patients are looking for additional information on infant formula, Perrigo Nutrition has joined forces with various partners to help build the . The site includes information on where to locate products, engaging videos and articles to help inform both moms and dads.

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While we don’t flood your office with samples, we can help patients try store brand for free … you can request a rebate kit for your practice, which includes important product information for you, and 50 rebate tear-sheets worth up to $20 each to hand to your patients. This helps them get started experiencing complete nutrition with everyday savings provided by store brand infant formula.

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